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This is what some of our clients say about us.

"SmartBackup is a service you hope you’ll never need, however it takes the worry out of data loss!! Whether it be technical support through to general enquiries, Smart Backup has always been top notch!!"
Sean Chadbone, Able Personnel UK Ltd

"SmartBackup has been fantastic. The staff are all really friendly and helpful. We now scan in all our documents and we were looking for a secure way in which we could backup these important documents. Smartbackup is an offsite solution that is quick to run and requires minimal effort on our behalf. Imagine if our computers had crashed or the office had burnt prior to this.........it happened last week, a laptop crashed and within an hour we had restored the machine with all of the backed up files."
Chris Nicholson, Bath Mortgage Search

"The SmartBackup system has proven itself more than once as a reliable way to back up important information. The low maintenance automated system is a great way to guarantee an up to date back up has been done."
Matthew Whitehead, Capital Fireplaces Ltd

"Since we started using SmartBackup to backup our databases and websites we have had one less thing to worry about; now if something goes wrong we know we are covered."
Arthur Guy, a star solutions

Whether you are a prospective client or an existing one we are always pleased to receive feedback, and are constantly striving to improve our service. Please feel free to send us your comments at info@smartbackup.co.uk.

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